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Shrine prostitutes were not homosexuals. The Bible has nothing positive to say about shrine prostitutes, aka cult or temple prostitutes. Here is a common argument. Street prostitutes pictures do we answer that argument? We remind everyone who uses it that it is a specious argument - superficially plausible but fundamentally wrong on the facts. The biblical truth is, Moses never mentions homosexuals or homosexuality or males prostitutes for women and lesbianism.

People who use fake biblical arguments against gays and lesbians, refuse to acknowledge context because if they acknowledge context, they know their arguments will not stand up to logic, will not make sense, will be obviously false.

Yet he also knows that if he puts that information in his comments on Leviticus, it will undermine his anti-gay views. MacArthur and his editors must have struggled mightily with the dishonesty of not putting what he knows to be true in his comments on Leviticus. In making their specious superficially plausible but fundamentally wrong on the facts anti-gay arguments, they also employ a sneaky debate tactic - defining terms in a way that supports their view or in plainer words, make the other side start with a tacit acknowledgment of false definitions, thus shifting the argument away from context and to the false and specious definitions.

All of the evidence points to the truth that Israel had a problem with shrine prostitution and shrine prostitutes and their pagan sexual worship of false gods. I intentionally quote conservative Christian scholars, some of them with two earned doctorate degrees, because they all tend to be anti-gay. Yet none of them can cite any historical facts to prove that Moses was talking about gays and lesbians, males prostitutes for women.

One of the scholars I quote, famed polyglot Dr. If anyone had the linguistic and scholarly chops to find proof that the context of Leviticus was gays and lesbians, it would be Dr. Fineburg yet he presents no proof for that. Moses is not analogizing incest or beastiality with males prostitutes for women. He is analogizing incest and beastiality with idol worship and shrine prostitution.

There is not a shred of biblical cultural doctrinal historical or religious evidence that shrine prostitutes were gays and lesbians. In the agrarian economy of ancient Israel, almost everyone got married and had children, in order to fulfill the command of God to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth so that Israel would be like the stars of heaven and the dust of the earth and the sand of the seashore for numbers. The human authors of the Bible testify to the ongoing presence of cult prostitution, shrine prostitution or temple prostitution in ancient Israel.

Various authors identify it by those names. Yet the Bible never links those pagan activities to being gay or lesbian, males prostitutes for women, therefore it is untrue, unbiblical and dishonest for modern Christians to attack the LGBT community by applying to us, verses God never applies to us.

Spurious gods of Canaan were plentiful. El was the supreme Canaanite deity, a god of uncontrolled lust and a bloody tyrant, as shown in writings found at Ras Shamra in N. His name means "strong, powerful. Chambers catered to sacred prostitution by men and women cf. Anath, sister-wife of Baal, also called Ashtoreth Astarte ; patroness of sex and war, males prostitutes for women, was called "virgin" and "holy" but was actually a "sacred prostitute.

And in most of the temples of the cults of ancient days there were temple prostitutes, ritual prostitution which made the sex act with a ritual prostitute a religious experience. Now that kind of religion would be very popular. False, wicked religious leaders would seek converts then for the purpose of having a sexual encounter with them.

You say, "Why did they do that? What was that all about? The spiritual leader, the religious leader was the man who was closest to God, or the temple prostitute was the woman who was closest to God. Supposed leaders of the mystery religions were the link to deity and the link was through the phallusthe males were the real links with deity. The intercourse with the leader or the charlatan or the phony religious faker was union with the deity and so intimacy with the gods was achieved through fornication.

So it was very typical then for these charlatans to come along and to woo women to themselves for the sake of sexual satisfaction under the illusion that this was a religious experience uniting them with the deities.

Sort of a counterfeit church as the bride of Christ concept. The temple prostitutes were only for the temple and for the religious leaders to enjoy.

They were totally devoted to the gods and their devotion reached the gods through intercourse with the temple leaders. And this was always a Satanic practice. So God offers grace to the transsexual or the eunuch. Unger admits the truth Dr. D degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Ph. D from Johns Hopkins. He was an experienced pastor and also a professor at Gordon Divinity School and Dallas Theological Seminary.

Here is what Dr. Unger says about shrine prostitutes in ancient Israel. The inhabitants of Canaan were addicted to Baal worship, which was conducted by priests in temples and in good weather outdoors in fields and particularly on hilltops called males prostitutes for women places.

Near the rock altar was a sacred pillar or massebah, and close by the symbol of the asherah, both of which apparently symbolized human fertility. Fineburg writes: " In Canaanite religion the main emphasis was on fertility and sex. Worship was entered into in order to insure the fertility of the land, males prostitutes for women, the animals, and the people. Sacred prostitution was practiced widely. Among the sacred objects were stone altars, and the sacred tree or grove so G. Wright, "The Archaeology of Palestine," The Bible and the Ancient Near East, ed.

It is interesting to remember that Dr, males prostitutes for women. Feinburg taught John MacArthur at Talbot Theological Seminary. MacArthur has remarked that Dr. Feinburg was his favorite professor. Vos admits the truth Dr. Vos, "An Introduction To Bible Archaeology" Revised ed.

Vos earned the B. Robert Gagnon admits the truth The leading anti-gay Christian scholar of our time, Dr. Homosexual cult prostitution appears to have been the primary form in which homosexual intercourse was practiced in Israel.

Lesbianism is not mentioned or addressed anywhere in the Old Testament. To whom is the Book of Leviticus addressed? Did the Law of Moses apply to all people everywhere? What is an abomination in the Bible? Does the New Testament command sabbath keeping for Christians? Are Christians required to keep Torah Law? Does Gay Analogy support same sex partnerships? Does the Bible support the idea that its okay to kill gays? Would you like answers for those who compare homosexuality to beastiality?

Did you know Idolatry is linked to sex and cult prostitution? Israel violated the Holiness Code and drifted into idolatry. God judged Israel for her sins of idol worship and shrine prostitution, sexual worship of the fertility goddess [not homosexuality] for the next fifteen hundred years.

Some Christians make the mistake of equating men and women devoted to qadesh and qedeshah, the Canaanite fertility males prostitutes for women, with modern gays and lesbians.

The Hebrew words qadesh and qedesha are found in the following verses. Diana was the Greek version of Ashtoreth and Astarte. The Bible speaks of men and women who engaged in illicit sexual rites as cult prostitutes, using sex to serve the Canaanite fertility goddess.

Notice that nothing in the context of these verses deals with a faithful, non-cultic partnership between two men or two women. Wise students of scripture will also note that verses which mention sodomites are not talking about the geographical area called Sodom in the Bible.

Every verse in the Bible which mentions sod mite or sodomites is referring to shrine prostitutes who worshiped the Canaanite fertility goddess. The Hebrew word for Sodom is Cedom, an entirely different word than qadesh or qadesha. What We Learn From The Blue Letter Males prostitutes for women Link. Qadesh is a Hebrew word which means a male prostitute dedicated to the fertility goddess.

Qedeshah is a Hebrew word which means a female prostitute dedicated to the fertility goddess. The meaning of Sodom in Hebrew. Sodom or Cedom is an entirely different Hebrew word than qadesh or qedesha.

Thinking Christians are interested in what the Bible actually says, not merely what it is presumed to teach. Many Christians assume the Bible says things it never says. They base their religious beliefs on their false assumptions instead of on what scripture actually says. False assumptions lead people to believe the Bible condemns committed, faithful, non-cultic partnerships between two men or two women when in actual fact, the Bible never condemns committed, faithful, non-cultic, same sex relationships.

Yet strangely enough, in Hebrew, Sodom and sod mite are not related words. For this reason, many Christians draw the wrong conclusion, that Sodom and sod mites are related when in fact, they are not etymologically related. Never in any of the Sodom passages does God say that the sin of Sodom was homosexuality. Never in any of the Sodom passages does God or a human author of the Bible link Sodom with homosexuality.

Never in any of the sodomite s passages does God or a human author of scripture link sodomites s with a committed, faithful, non-cultic relationship between two men or two women. On the other hand, whenever the Hebrew words qadesh or qadesha are used in scripture, they refer to a pagan worshiper of the fertility goddess.

Therefore when we translate from Hebrew to English or any other language we must retain the original Hebrew meaning. Because qadesh and qadesha did not refer to gay men or lesbian women in committed, faithful, noncultic relationships in any Biblical reference where those words are used, it is wrong to assert that qadesh and qadesha mean homosexual in the English when they clearly did not mean homosexual in the Hebrew.

Israelites were forbidden to bring the hire of a whore, a zanah, prostitute, or the price of a dog, kelev, a male shrine prostitute, into the house of the LORD. Zanah is a Hebrew word which, in the Bible, often means street prostitute.

This Link will open in a new page. This clinches the undeniable link between the word zanah and shrine prostitutes. Qadesh and Qedeshah are Hebrew words which, in the Bible, also refer to shrine prostitutes. Canaanites called her Ashtoreth. Egyptians called her Hathor. Under either name she was a fertility goddess. It is remarkably inconsistent to assert that qedeshah equates to modern homosexuals and therefore, homosexuality is wrong while refusing to apply the same illogic to heterosexuals.

If qedeshah signifies all homosexuals, as so many modern Christians believe, then zanah in the same passage must signify all heterosexuals, males prostitutes for women, therefore heterosexuality is wrong.

Qedeshah is a Hebrew word with a specific meaning. God the Holy Spirit is careful to use the word qedeshah to only indicate shrine prostitutes. Qedeshah is never used to mean homosexuals in the Bible. This is not homosexuality.

For anti-gay Christians to insist that the Hebrew word qedeshah means homosexual reveals gross males prostitutes for women or complete disregard for the truth. Anath, an ancient fertility goddess. God links the qedeshah, shrine prostitutes and zanah, street prostitutes because what they share in common is a type of prostitution. Fertility goddess bas relief from ancient Canaan. Because God links Molech males prostitutes for women shrine prostitutes, wise Christians must also make and affirm this link.

It is dishonest for nongay Christians to refuse to acknowledge this clear teaching of scripture. Scripture is quite clear on this. The point at issue in the Bible is always shrine prostitutes.

The Bible never makes negative comments about committed, faithful, non-cultic same sex partnerships. Hands holding Bible The reason King Josiah broke down the houses of the sodomites was so that Since the Holy Spirit tells us the problem was false worship of Canaanite gods, it is wrong to ignore the clear statement of the Holy Spirit and insist, as some Christians insist, that the real problem was homosexuality.

If God intended us to believe the problem was homosexuality, God would have stated that clearly and unmistakably. Instead, God made it clear that the qadesh and qedesha were shrine prostitutes. These were not homosexuals in the sense in which we use the word homosexual today. They were idolatrous pagans, shrine prostitutes who rejected Jehovah and worshiped Ashtoreth, the Canaanite fertility goddess.

Here is his description of shrine prostitutes. As Baal was the embodiment of the generative principle in nature, so was Ashtoreth of the receptive and productive principle. Thus lust itself became a service of the gods. At great festivals, under the influence of strong excitement, amid the din of flutes and drums and wild songs, a number of the male devotees would snatch up swords or knives, which lay ready for the purpose, throw off their garments, and coming forward with a loud shout, proceed to males prostitutes for women themselves openly.

Martens on shrine prostitutes Cybele the fertility goddess. Is it sinking in yet? Can we now agree that this view is not just gays trying to alibi their sin? According to another conservative evangelical author, Dr. In first century Rome, Cybele had five temples, one of which sat atop the Palatine Hill overlooking the Circus Maximus. Fertility goddess temples contained idols, an asherah pole representing the fertility goddess and massebah, stone pillars which were phallic symbols, representing the male deity.

Marrying a close blood relative incest was a practice which came to be associated with the Egyptian cult of Osiris. Isis, the Egyptian Queen, was called Mother of God and Lady of Heaven. She was both mother and wife of the reigning Egyptian king. When God gives Moses the Law on Mt.

At all events one may see men-women [androgynes] continually strutting through the market place at midday, and leading the processions in festivals ; and, impious men as they are, having received by lot the charge of the templeand beginning the sacred and initiating ritesand concerned even in the holy mysteries of Ceres [ Ceres is another name for Cybele, the fertility goddess first century Romans referred to as the Mater Deum or Mother of the gods ].

Our gay Christian viewpoint is rock solid, historically accurate and reflects Jewish and Christian views for more than two thousand years. The Bible is crystal clear about shrine prostitutes. God prohibited His people from worshiping false gods like Molech and Ashtoreth. Whatever name you give them, shrine prostitutes, cult prostitutes or temple prostitutes, God abhorred the pagan practice of fertility goddess worship. This understanding fits culturally, doctrinally, males prostitutes for women, historically, linguistically and religiously.

Even some of the most scholarly anti-gay Christians like John MacArthur and Robert Gagnon, admit this truth. Justification by Faith We are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. FREE Bible Study Downloads. FREE info - build your own website. Are Ex-Gays victims of false teaching? FREE Bible Study Who Is Jesus? FREE online videos about starting your own website.

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