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Literotica what women expect from male prostitutes

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Babe: Literotica what women expect from male prostitutes

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His first stoke missed both nipples, landing across the tops of the breasts. The second was underneath, but from then on each stroke landed on at least one nipple. She screamed after each stroke on her nipples, shaking her body to try to dissipate the pain. Eric also noticed that her pussy was dripping moisture and she would move her hips in fucking motions after each stroke. Clearly this punishment was turning her on. After ten strokes literotica what women expect from male prostitutes her breasts he applied a further ten to her thighs, then exchanged the cane for the whip.

She came after the fifth stroke, shuddering in her bonds, screaming in ecstasy and pain as he continued to apply the remaining five strokes to her exposed clit and open pussy lips and cunt entrance. Once he had finished, she rapidly finished her orgasm and, like Julie, hung in her bonds for a short time until she roused herself.

Becks went and collected Julie again. Becks and Trudi tied Julie to the table on her back, legs wide apart and inserted the stimulator into her cunt. They then inserted one into June still in the frame.

The aim is, once again, to cum last. Becks turned the controller on and wound up the stimulation to about half way. Both nevada brothels rates started humping their hips, rolling their heads and feeling tremors of stimulation coursing through their bodies.

After about private whores minutes of this both were panting, on the brink of cumming as Becks increased the stimulation to maximum.

Together they came, letting out screams of ecstasy, search for prostitutes bodies writhing and thrashing about as far as permitted in their bonds. Still Becks kept the control on high; still they continued to orgasm.

Yeah, make it two minutes longer. Becks set the timer on the controller, literotica what women expect from male prostitutes, placed it on the ground and walked away. It was now up to the controller, it was out of her hands, literally. For the remaining two minutes June and Julie came hard, feeling the sensations throughout their bodies as the devices inside them stimulated their nerves.

At some level they wanted it to stop and felt exhaustion from the energy use to produce these sexual feelings and physical movements. At another level they never wanted this to stop; wanted to live their whole lives cumming just like this. With a soft click the controller switched off and after a few seconds June and Julie slowed their movements and then hung or lay exhausted.

Becks and Trudi untied them and thanked them as Eric and Greg came forward to collected their loved ones and help them to chairs to rest. As the crowd started to dissipate Dana brought Todd forward and told them there was worst brothels in the world more punishment for their entertainment.

She explained about the bet that she and Todd had and how Todd lost, so it was going to be her pleasure to punish him in public this afternoon. She tied him up to the frame by his wrists vertically above his head, leaving his feet loose and just reaching the ground. She turned him so he was facing the group then knelt down to stimulate his cock by asain nuru massage nj listing until it was rigid.

She then turned him facing away from the group and picked up the whip that had been used before. She whipped his arse cheeks, giving him ten quite hard blows. She then picked up the cane and gave him a further ten strokes across his cheeks, harder than Eric had used on June, so that slight prostitute thailand price formed. She then turned him around to face the onlookers, who were becoming ever more turned on by this impromptu performance.

She started by whipping his cock, watching as the tails wrapped themselves around the taut skin, leaving distinct marks. Todd had been silent until now, but he started grunting and grimacing from each blow. Dana smiled in pleasure; she was a sadist at heart and in particular enjoyed punishing her wonderful partner, as he enjoyed punishing her. She then moved directly in front of Todd and without warning brought the whip vertically upwards to strike under his unprotected and tightly tied balls.

Todd let out a howl of agony, doubling up by lifting his feet from the ground in a reflex act to protect his manhood.

Dana noticed that her son. Once Todd had recovered from the blow, Dana repeated it, with exactly the same result. Please beat my balls again. Dana did just that, landing two hard strokes one immediately following the other. The surge of fresh blood caused Todd once again to moan black girls escorts agony, but that was soon over and, literotica what women expect from male prostitutes, once Dana had released him, they hugged like the sweethearts and lovers they had been for many years.

Trudi made an announcement. Todd, do you want to punish Dana? Todd turned to Dana and saw she was smiling and nodding. Todd tied Dana onto the table with a strap over her hips only, face down, legs hanging over the edge and spread widely apart with ankles attached to the table legs. He picked up the cane and swished it, letting her hear how it sounded to increase the anticipation.

Dana immediately felt the tingle of arousal through her body. While she was cumming, Todd lined her pussy up in his sights and landed five moderate strokes on her lips and clit, each stroke pushing Dana to an even greater orgasm.

He then turned the controller off and untied Dana from the table, rolling her onto her back and moving her up so that her whole body was supported on the table, literotica what women expect from male prostitutes. He then tied her wrists and ankles only to the table leaving the rest of her body able to move. He switched on the stimulator again to medium and started landing moderate strokes of the cane across her breasts and nipples.

The background sensations of sexual arousal combined with the pain from her caned breasts transported her to another place, a timeless earthquake massage of sexual pleasure as her body converted the pain to pleasure and added to her arousal. She started cumming again, moving her body gently to enhance these feelings. She was vaguely aware of more blows landing on her breasts, abdomen, thighs, pussy lips and clit, but felt pleasure not pain from these.

She was aware of little prostitutes sensations of sexual arousal but was unaware that her body was shuddering and thrashing about from the ecstasy of prolonged orgasm or that she was screaming a series of long loud screams, literotica what women expect from male prostitutes.

Eventually the stimuli were removed and she slowly came back to what most people would call reality, feeling for the first time the pain in her body as the nerves in her breasts, abdomen, thighs and pussy area communicated with her brain that damage had occurred.

She lifted her head to try to examine her poor body, but the effort was too great so she waited until Todd had completed untying her. She stood up and would have fallen except that Todd caught her. Todd and Dana made their way back to the group and Trudi called for Julie and June to come back up.

I would like to put a pussy strap on each of you so you can experience the exquisite torture that these can produce. Having already been beaten will even enhance the pleasure. As the group watched, suspecting what was about to happen, Trudi inserted a stimulator into June while Becks did the same for Julie, then Becks helped Julie, while Trudi helped June, step into the webbing pussy strap, pulling it up to their waists, tightening the girth strap around their hips then feeding the crotch strap between their legs and through the slot at the back.

This left a tail with a large hole at the end sticking part way up their backs. Becks and Trudi lowered two pulleys from the top of the frame and attached the ropes from the pulley to the eye hole in the tail of each strap.

They then pulled the ropes, hoisting the pulleys up to the top of the frame. They then asked several people in the group to help pull the ropes attached to the pussy straps so that both Julie and June dangled a few inches off the ground, their entire weight being taken on their pussies. The ropes were tied off and the two women left to dangle helplessly. Trudi then set the controller to minimum and walked away.

Each was in pain from the pussy strap crushing their bruised lips and clit, yet both felt incredibly sexy due to the stimulation they were receiving, though not yet enough to approach orgasm. They had nothing to do except hang there. They reached out to each other clinging together, sharing a kiss, each fondling the breasts of the other. Gradually they aroused each other, feeling the sensations literotica what women expect from male prostitutes gave each other merging with the sensations from the stimulators.

They clung together harder, watched avidly by several couples and small groups who were also making out on the grass beside the pool.

Despite the pain in their pussies, they felt really good, really sexy and their arousal increased. She reached behind Julie and started caressing her arse cheeks gently, trying not to cause any further pain to the tender skin. Trudi approached the women hanging from the frame.

Immediately the girls released each other as once again arousal coursed through their bodies uncontrollably. Within a minute both were cumming hard, much to the delight of the onlookers. As they dangled freely, their bodies were unrestricted in their movements and swung, trembled, thrashed about and jiggled on the ends of the ropes in a very sexy manner. Trudi watched them for a couple of minutes then turned the controller off and released both girls, helping them out of their pussy straps and supporting them to sit down with their loved ones.

Whew," said June as she cuddled into Eric, "What an afternoon. These people have great ways of entertaining themselves. I need a swim to soothe my poor body, then I need to be fucked by a person; not a dildo, not an electronic gizmo, but you. Please fuck me tonight, darling. Then they both dived into the pool and cooled off.

Meanwhile Julie had been having a similar conversation with Greg and Marcie. We were both heartbroken when you left and you are most welcome to return," said Greg.

And Greg, will you please fuck me tonight like you used to do. The trio climbed into the pool and gently swam to the far end. Feedback sent successfully - click here to write another. Literotica is a trademark.

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