Star Trek Fans Vs Star Wars Fans

Star Star Wars Trek Fans Fans Vs
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DESCRIPTION: Star Trek and Star Wars.

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'Star Wars' vs. 'Star Trek': The Differences Between the Fans Revealed

5 May Fans of both Star Wars and Star Trek make more money than folks who hate both (or couldn't care less). Star Trek and Star Wars present alternative scenarios of space adventure. The two streams are dominant in this setting of storytelling anf have offered various forms of media productions for decades that manage billions of dollars of intellectual property, providing employment and entertainment for billions of people around. 5 Dec Star Trek and Star Wars. Nerds, sci-fi fans, and even every day viewers have debated the merits of each of these mega-franchises. There have been times in geek culture where it seemed like the rift between Trekkies and Star Wars fans was as deep as the Jets and the Sharks, or between Red Sox fans and.

No look back at the year in nerd culture can be complete outwardly one of the most interesting developments in quite some time for fans of "Star Wars" and "Star Trek.

Star Trek Fans Vs Eminent Wars Fans
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William Shatner took to his YouTube channel in September to declareonce and for all reminiscent of the movie " Fanboys "that "Star Trek" is superior to "Star Wars. Fisher defended "Star Wars," and Shatner did not go unscarred either. George Takei, meanwhile, urged compatible between the "Star-people," since they hold a common enemy:

  • 8 Dec With a mere nine days until The Force Awakens parks up in cinemas across the world, Star Trek fans can be forgiven for feeling a little aggrieved at the seemingly -global frenzy over the return of Star Wars. The rivalry between the diehard factions of each franchise has no doubt intensified in the lead-up to.
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  • 15 Dec Gay bar or dive bar? Six Flags or The Lego Store? Foursquare data shows what enthusists of each franchise is more likely to visit. No debate in sci-fi fandom is as pervasive: Star Wars or Star Trek? And now, data provided by Foursquare is shedding light on some of the other interests the fans of each.
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There are many differences between the two franchises, and they necessarily appeal to people with differing interests. Arguably it's a case of TV vs. Film (a weird division that seems to be closing now that the actors are jumping from one to the other more often and popularly); 'reality' (Trek) vs. Fantasy (Wars); Quality vs. 5 May Fans of both Star Wars and Star Trek make more money than folks who hate both (or couldn't care less). 4 May For decades fans of Star Wars and Star Trek have debated over which one is better. With plenty of opinions on either side the internet often turns into a battleground on this subject. Back in April, a survey was conducted and let's just say that the results are fascinating.

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