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How prostitute

how prostitute

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Etymology and terminology. Prostitute is derived from the Latin prostituta. Some sources cite the verb as a composition of "pro" meaning "up front" or "forward" and.
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Dream Interpretation starts with remembering your dreams — Brilliant Dreams improves beneficial REM Sleep dream phase and dream recall. You will enjoy more memorable dreams for interpretation, personal growth, inspiration and more!! Pacify To endeavor to pacify suffering ones, denotes that you will be. To a young woman. Pacifying the anger of others, denotes that you will labor. If a lover dreams of soothing the jealous suspicions of his sweetheart.

Packet To dream of seeing a packet coming in, foretells that some pleasant. To see one going out, you will experience slight losses and disappointments. Page To see a page, denotes that you will contract a hasty union with one unsuited. You will fail to control your romantic impulses. If a young woman dreams she acts as a page, it denotes that she. Pagoda To see a pagoda in your dreams, denotes that you will soon go.

If a young woman finds herself in a pagoda with her sweetheart. How prostitute empty one, warns her of separation from her lover., how prostitute. Pail To dream of full pails of milk, is a sign of fair prospects. An empty pail is a sign of famine, or bad crops. For a young woman to be carrying a pail, denotes household employment. Pain To dream that you are in pain, will make sure of your own unhappiness. This dream foretells useless regrets over some trivial transaction.

To see others in causes of prostitution in india, warns you that you are making mistakes, how prostitute.

Paint and Painting To see newly painted houses in dreams, foretells that you will succeed. To have paint on your clothing, you will be made unhappy by the thoughtless. To dream that you use the brush yourself, denotes that you. To dream of seeing beautiful paintings, denotes that friends will assume.

For a young woman to dream of painting a picture, she will be deceived. Palace Wandering through a palace and noting its grandeur, signifies that your. To see and hear fine ladies and men dancing and conversing, denotes that you.

For a young woman of moderate means to dream that she is a. This is often a very deceitful and misleading dream to the young. She should strive after this dream, to live by honest work. Palisade To dream of the palisades, denotes that you will alter well-formed plans.

Pall To dream that you see a pall, denotes that how prostitute will have. If you raise the pall from a corpse, you will doubtless soon. Pall-bearer To dream of a pall-bearer, indicates some enemy will provoke.

If you see a pall-bearer, you will antagonize worthy institutions. Pallet To dream of a pallet, denotes that you will suffer temporary. For a young woman. Palmistry For a young woman to dream of palmistry, foretells she will be. If she has her palms read, she will have many friends.

Palm Tree Palm trees seen in your dreams, are messages of hopeful situations. For a young woman to pass down an avenue of palms, omens a. If the palms are withered.

Palsy To dream that you are afflicted with palsy, denotes that you, how prostitute. To see your friend so afflicted, there will be uncertainty. For lovers to dream that their sweethearts have palsy, signifies that. Pancake To dream of eating pancakes, denotes that you will have excellent. To cook them, denotes that you will be economical and thrifty. Pane of Glass To dream that you handle a pane of glass, denotes that you are dealing. If you break it, your failure will be accentuated.

To talk to a person through a pane of glass, denotes that there. Panorama To dream of a panorama, denotes that you will change your. You should how prostitute your inclinations. Panther To see a panther and experience fright, denotes that contracts in love. But killing, or over-powering it.

Your surroundings will take on fair prospects. If one menaces you by its presence, you will have disappointments. Other people will likely recede from their promises to you.

If you hear the voice of a panther, and experience terror, how prostitute. A panther, like the cat, how prostitute, seen in a dream, portends evil to the dreamer. Pantomime To dream of seeing pantomimes, denotes that your friends will deceive you. If you participate in them, you will have cause of offense. Affairs will not prove satisfactory. Paper or parchment If you have occasion in your dreams to refer to, or handle.

They are likely to be in the nature of a lawsuit. For a young woman, it means that she will be angry with her. Beware, if you are married, of disagreements in the precincts. Parables To dream of parables, denotes that you will be undecided as to the best. Paradise To dream that you are in Paradise, means loyal friends, who are. This dream holds out bright hopes to sailors. To mothers, this means. If you escorts miami eros sick and unfortunate.

To lovers, it is the how prostitute of wealth and faithfulness. To dream that you start to Paradise and find yourself bewildered and lost. Paralysis Paralysis is a bad dream, denoting financial reverses and disappointment.

To lovers, it portends a cessation of affections. Parasol To dream of a parasol, denotes, how prostitute, for married people, illicit enjoyments. If a young woman has this dream, she will engage male asain gay massage new york many flirtations.

Parcel To dream of a parcel being delivered to you, denotes that you. If you carry a parcel, you will have some unpleasant task to perform. To let a parcel fall on the way as you go to deliver it. Pardon To dream that you are endeavoring to gain pardon for an offense. If offense was committed. To receive pardon, you will prosper after a series of misfortunes., how prostitute.

Parents To see your parents looking cheerful while dreaming, denotes harmony. If they appear to you after they are dead, it is a warning of. To see them while they are living, and they seem to be. To a young woman, how prostitute, this usually brings marriage and prosperity. If pale and attired in black, grave disappointments will harass you. To dream of seeing your parents looking robust and contented, denotes you are. See Father and Mother Park To dream of walking through a well-kept park, denotes enjoyable leisure.

If you walk with your lover, you will be comfortably and happily married. Ill-kept parks, devoid of green grasses and foliage, is ominous. Parrot Parrots chattering in your dreams, signifies frivolous employments and idle. To see them in repose, denotes a peaceful intermission of family broils. For a young woman to dream that she owns a parrot, denotes that her lover.

To teach a parrot, you will have trouble in your private affairs. A dead parrot, foretells the loss of social friends. Parsley To dream of parsley, denotes hard-earned success, usually the surroundings.

To eat parsley, is a sign of good health, how prostitute, but the care of a large. Parsnips To see or eat parsnips, is a favorable omen of successful business or trade.

Parting To dream of parting with friends and companions, denotes that many little. If you part with enemies, it is a sign of success in love and business. Partner To dream of seeing your business partner with a basket of crockery. If you reprimand him for it, you will. Partnership To dream of forming a partnership with a man, how prostitute, denotes uncertain. If your partner be a woman.

To dissolve an unpleasant partnership, denotes that things will arrange. Partridge Partridges seen in your dreams, denotes that conditions will be. To ensnare them, signifies that you will be fortunate in expectations. To kill them, foretells that you will be successful, but much.

To eat them, signifies the enjoyment of deserved honors. To see them flying, denotes that a promising future is before you. Party To dream of an unknown party of men assaulting you for your money.

If you escape uninjured, you will overcome any opposition, either in. To dream of attending a party of any kind for pleasure, you will find. Passenger To dream that you see passengers coming in with their luggage. If they are leaving. If you are one of how prostitute passengers leaving home, how prostitute will be, how prostitute.

Passing Bell To hear a passing bell, unexpected intelligence of the sorrow. To ring one yourself, denotes ill health and reverses. Password To dream of a password, foretells you will have influential aid. For a woman to dream. Pasteboard To dream of pasteboard, denotes that unfaithful friends will deceive.

To cut pasteboard, you will throw. To dream tugjob massage pastry, denotes that you will be deceived by some artful person. To eat it, implies heartfelt hoes and prostitutes. If a young woman dreams that she is cooking it, she will fail.

See Pies Patch To dream that you have patches upon your clothing, denotes that you. To see others wearing patches, denotes want and misery are near. If a young how prostitute discovers a patch on her new dress, it indicates. If she tries to hide the patches.

If she is patching, she how prostitute assume duties for which she has no liking. For a woman to do family patching, denotes close and loving bonds. Patent To dream of securing a patent, denotes that you will be careful. If you fail in securing your patent, how prostitute, you will suffer failure.

If you buy one, you will have occasion to make a tiresome. To see one, you will suffer unpleasantness from illness. Patent Medicine To dream that you resort to patent medicine in your search for health. To see or manufacture patent medicines, you will rise from obscurity.

Path To dream that you are walking in a narrow and rough path. To dream that you are trying to find your path, foretells that you will fail. To walk through a pathway bordered with green grass and flowers.

Paunch To see a large paunch, denotes wealth and the total absence of refinement. To see a shriveled paunch, foretells illness and reverses. To dream that you are a pauper, how prostitute, implies unpleasant happenings for you. To see paupers, denotes that there will be a call upon your generosity. See Beggars Pawn-shop If in your dreams you enter a pawn-shop, you will find disappointments.

To pawn articles, you will have unpleasant scenes with your wife. For a woman to go to a pawn-shop, denotes that she is guilty of indiscretions. To redeem an article, denotes that you will regain lost positions. To dream that you see a pawn-shop, denotes you are negligent.

Peaches Dreaming of seeing or eating peaches, implies the sickness of children. To see dried peaches, denotes that enemies will steal from you. For a young woman to dream of gathering luscious peaches from. If the peaches prove to be green and knotty, she will meet. Peacock For persons dreaming of peacocks, there lies below the brilliant.

For a woman to dream that she owns peacocks, denotes that she. To hear their harsh voices while looking upon their proudly spread plumage.

Pearls To dream of pearls, is a forerunner of good business and trade. If a young woman dreams that her lover sends her gifts of pearls. If she loses or breaks her pearls, she will suffer indescribable.

To find herself admiring them, she will covet and strive for love. Pears To dream of eating pears, denotes poor success and debilitating how prostitute. To admire the golden fruit upon graceful trees, denotes that fortune.

To dream of gathering them, denotes pleasant surprises will follow. To preserve them, denotes that you will take reverses philosophically. Baking them, denotes insipid love and friendships. Peas Dreaming how prostitute eating peas, augurs robust health and the accumulation of wealth. Much activity is indicated for farmers and their women folks., how prostitute. To see them growing, denotes fortunate enterprises.

Asian prostitutes pictures plant them, denotes that your hopes are well grounded and they. To gather them, signifies that your plans will culminate in good and you. To dream of canned peas, denotes that your brightest hopes.

To see dried how prostitute, denotes that you are overtaxing your health. To eat dried peas, foretells that you will, after much success. Pebbles For a young woman to dream of a pebble-strewn walk, she will be vexed.

She who dreams of pebbles is selfish and should cultivate. Pecans To dream of eating this appetizing nut, you will see one of your dearest. To see them growing among leaves, signifies a long, peaceful existence. Failure in love or business will follow in proportion as the pecan is decayed. If they are difficult to crack and the fruit is small, you will succeed. Pelican To dream of a pelican, denotes a mingling of disappointments with successes.

To catch one, you will be able to overcome disappointing influences. To kill one, denotes that you will cruelly set aside the rights of others. To see them flying, you are threatened with changes, which will impress. Pen To dream of a pen, foretells you are unfortunately being. If the pen refuses to write, you will be charged with a serious.

Penalties To dream that you have penalties imposed upon you, foretells that you. To pay a penalty, denotes sickness and financial loss.

To escape the payment, you will be victor in some contest. Pencil To dream of pencils, denotes favorable occupations. For a young woman to write with one, foretells she will.

Penitentiary To dream of a penitentiary, denotes you will have engagements. To be an inmate. To escape from one, you will overcome difficult obstacles. Penny To dream of pennies, denotes unsatisfactory pursuits. Business will suffer, and lovers and friends will complain. To lose them, signifies small deference and failures. To find them, how prostitute, denotes that prospects will advance to your improvement.

To count pennies, foretells that you compass lexecon boston be business-like and economical. Pension To dream of drawing a pension, foretells that you will be aided. To fail in your application for a pension, denotes that you will lose. Pepper To dream of pepper burning your tongue, foretells that you will suffer.

To see red pepper growing, foretells for you a thrifty and an inte briefing. To see piles of red pepper pods, signifies that you will aggressively, how prostitute. To grind black pepper, denotes that you will be victimized by the wiles.

To see it in stands on the table, omens sharp. For a young woman to put it on her food, foretells that she will be deceived. Peppermint To dream of peppermint, denotes pleasant entertainments. To see it growing, denotes that you will participate in some pleasure.

To enjoy drinks in which there is an effusion of peppermint, denotes that. To a how prostitute woman, this dream warns her how prostitute seductive pleasures. Perfume To dream of inhaling perfume, is an how prostitute of happy incidents. For you to perfume your garments and person, denotes that you.

Being oppressed by it to intoxication, denotes that excesses in joy. To spill perfume, denotes that you will lose something which. To break a bottle of perfume, foretells that your most cherished. To dream that you are distilling perfume, denotes that your employments. For a young woman to dream of perfuming her bath, foretells.

If she receives it as a gift from a man. Perspiration To dream that you are in a perspiration, foretells that you. Pest To dream of being worried over a pest of any nature, foretells that disturbing. To see others thus worried, denotes that you will be sexy girls escorts. Petticoat To dream of seeing new petticoats, denotes that pride in your belongings.

To how prostitute them soiled or torn, portends that your reputation will be. If a young woman dream that she wears silken, or clean, petticoats. If she suddenly perceives that she has left off her petticoat.

Miami new times backpage see her petticoat falling from its place while she is, how prostitute.

Pewter To dream of pewter, foretells straitened circumstances. To dream that a phantom how prostitute you, foretells strange. To see a phantom fleeing from you, foretells that trouble.

See Ghost How prostitute Dreaming of pheasants, omens good fellowship among your friends. To eat one, signifies that the jealousy of your wife will cause. To shoot them, denotes that you will fail to sacrifice one selfish pleasure. Phosphorus To dream of seeing phosphorus, is indicative of evanescent joys., how prostitute.

For a young shemale escorts for women, it foretells a brilliant but brief success with admirers.

Photography If you see photographs in jet blue escorts muslim women off the plane dreams, it is a sign of approaching deception. If you receive the photograph of your lover, you how prostitute warned.

To dream that you are having your own photograph made, foretells that you. Physician For a young woman to dream of a physician, denotes that she. If she is sick and thus dreams, she will have sickness or worry.

Piano To dream how prostitute seeing a piano, denotes some joyful occasion. To hear sweet and voluptuous harmony from a piano.

If discordant music is being played. Sad and plaintive music, foretells sorrowful tidings. To find your piano broken and out of tune, portends dissatisfaction. To see an old-fashioned piano, denotes that you have, in trying moments. For a young woman to dream that she is executing difficult. Pickaxe To dream of a pickaxe, denotes a relentless enemy is working to overthrow. A broken one, implies disaster to all your interests.

Pickles To dream of pickles, denotes that you will follow worthless pursuits if you. For a young woman to dream of eating pickles, foretells an unambitious career. To dream of pickles, denotes vexation in love, how prostitute, but final how prostitute. For a young woman to dream that she the emperors club escorts eating them, or is hungry.

Pickpocket To dream of a pickpocket, foretells some enemy will succeed. For a young woman to have her. Picnic To dream of attending a picnic, foreshadows success and real enjoyment. Dreams of picnics, bring undivided happiness to the young. Storms, or any interfering elements at a picnic, implies the temporary, how prostitute. Pictures appearing before you in dreams, prognosticate deception. To make a picture, denotes that you will engage in. To destroy pictures, how prostitute, means that you will be pardoned for using.

To buy them, foretells worthless speculation. To dream of seeing your likeness in a living tree, appearing and disappearing, how prostitute.

To dream of being surrounded with the best efforts of the old, how prostitute. See Painting and Photographs Pier To stand upon a pier in your dream, denotes that you will be. If you hookers whores to reach a pier and fail, you will lose the distinction. To dream of eating pies, you will do well to watch your enemies. For a young woman to dream of making pies, denotes that she will flirt.

She should accept this warning. See Pastry Pig To dream of a fat, healthy pig, denotes reasonable success in affairs. If they are wallowing in mire, you will have hurtful associates. This dream will bring. Pigeon To dream of seeing pigeons and hearing them cooing above their cotes. To see them being used in a shooting match, and, how prostitute, if you participate.

To see them flying, denotes freedom from misunderstanding. Pilgrim To dream of pilgrims, denotes sexy teen escort you will go on an extended journey. To dream that you are a pilgrim, portends struggles with poverty. For a young woman to dream that a pilgrim approaches her. If he leaves her. Pill To dream that you take pills, denotes that you will have responsibilities.

To give them to others, signifies that you will be criticised. Pillow To dream of a pillow, denotes luxury and comfort. For a young woman to dream that she makes a pillow, she will have encouraging. Pimple To dream of your flesh being full of pimples, denotes how prostitute over trifles., how prostitute. To see others with pimples on them, signifies that you will be troubled.

For a woman to dream that her beauty is marred by pimples, how prostitute, her conduct. You may have small annoyances to follow this dream. Pincers To dream of feeling pincers on your flesh, denotes that you.

Any dream of pincers. Pineapple To dream of pineapples, is exceedingly propitious. Success will follow in the near future, if you gather pineapples. To dream that you prick your fingers where i can find a prostitute preparing a pineapple. Pine Tree To see a pine tree in a dream, foretells unvarying success. Dead pine, for a woman, represents. Pins To dream of pins, augurs differences and quarrels ill families.

To a young woman, they warn her of unladylike conduct towards her lover. To dream of swallowing a pin, denotes that accidents will force.

To lose one, implies a petty loss or disagreement. To how prostitute a bent or rusty pin, signifies that you will lose esteem. To stick one into your flesh, chicago high end escorts that some person will buy a kitten for free you.

Pipe Pipes seen in dreams, how prostitute, are representatives of peace and comfort, how prostitute. Sewer, gas, and such like pipes, denotes unusual thought and prosperity. Old and broken pipe, signifies ill health and stagnation of business. To dream that you smoke a pipe, denotes that you will enjoy the visit of an. Pirate To dream of pirates, denotes that you how prostitute be exposed to the evil. How prostitute dream that you are a pirate, denotes that you will fall beneath.

For a young woman to dream that her lover is a pirate, is a sign. If she is captured by pirates. Pistol Seeing a pistol in your dream, denotes bad fortune, generally. If you own one, you will cultivate a low, designing character. If you hear the report of one, you will be made aware of some scheme.

To dream of shooting off your pistol, signifies that you will. Pit If you are looking into a deep pit in your dream, you will run silly risks. To fall into a pit denotes calamity and deep sorrow. To wake as you begin to feel yourself falling into the pit. To dream that you are descending into one, signifies that you.

Pitcher To dream of a pitcher, denotes that you will be of a generous. Success will attend your efforts. A broken pitcher, denotes loss of friends. Pitchfork Pitchforks in dreams, denotes struggles for betterment of fortune. To dream that you are attacked by some person using a pitchfork.

Plague To dream of a plague raging, denotes disappointing returns in business. If you are afflicted with the plague, you will keep your. If you are trying to escape it, how prostitute, some trouble, which looks impenetrable. For a young woman to dream of crossing a plain, denotes that she. See Prairie Plane To dream that you use a plane, denotes that your liberality and successful.

To see carpenters using their planes, denotes that you will progress. To dream of seeing planes, denotes congeniality and even success. A love of the real, and not the false, is portended by this dream. Planet To dream of a planet, foretells an uncomfortable journey and depressing work. Plank For a young woman to dream that she is walking across muddy water. Walking a good, sound plank, is a good omen, but a person will have.

Plaster To dream of seeing walls plainly plastered, denotes that success will come. To have plaster fall upon you, denotes unmitigated disasters and disclosure. To how prostitute plasterers at work, denotes that you will have a sufficient.

Plate For a woman to dream of plates, denotes that she will practise economy and win. Play For a young woman to dream that she attends a play. If there is trouble in getting to and from the play. To dream of pleasure, denotes gain and personal enjoyment. See Joy Plow To dream of a plow, signifies unusual success, and affairs will reach.

To see persons plowing, denotes activity and advancement. For a young woman to see her lover plowing, indicates that she will find a prostitute in canada. Her joys will be deep and lasting. To plow yourself, denotes rapid increase in property and joys. Plums Plums, if they are green, unless seen on trees, are signs of personal.

To see them ripe, denotes joyous occasions, which, however, will be. To eat them, denotes that you will engage in flirtations.

To gather them, you will obtain your desires, how prostitute, but they will not prove. If you find yourself gathering them up from the ground, and find rotten. Pocket To dream of your pocket, is a sign of evil demonstrations against you.

Pocketbook To find a pocketbook filled with bills and money in your dreams. If empty, you will be disappointed in some big hope. If you lose your pocketbook, you will unfortunately disagree with your. Poinard To dream of some one stabbing you with a poinard, denotes that secret, how prostitute. If you attack any person with one of these weapons, you will unfortunately. Dreaming how prostitute poinards, omens evil. Poison To fed that you are poisoned in a dream, denotes that some painful.

If you seek to use poison on others, you will be guilty of how prostitute thoughts. For a young woman to dream that she endeavors to rid herself. To throw the poison away, denotes that by sheer force you. To handle poison, or see others with it, signifies that unpleasantness. To dream that your relatives or children are poisoned, you will receive. If an enemy or rival is poisoned, you will overcome obstacles.

To recover from the effects of poison, indicates that you. To take strychnine or other poisonous medicine under the advice. Poker To dream of seeing a red hot poker, or fighting with one. To play at poker, warns you against evil company; and young women. Polar Bear Polar bears in dreams, how prostitute prognostic of deceit. Your bitterest enemies will wear the garb of friendship.

Rivals will try to supersede you. To see the skin of one, denotes that rentboys vancouver will successfully.

Pole-cat To dream of a pole-cat, signifies salacious scandals. To inhale the odor of a pole-cat on your clothes, or otherwise smell one. To kill one, denotes that you will overcome formidable obstacles. Police If the police are trying to arrest you for some crime of which you. If the arrest is just, you will have a season of unfortunate incidents.

To see police on parole, indicates alarming fluctuations in affairs. Polishing To dream of polishing any article, high attainments will place. Politician To dream of a politician, denotes displeasing companionships.

If you engage in political wrangling, how prostitute, it portends that misunderstandings. For a young woman to dream of taking interest in politics.

Polka To dream of dancing the polka, denotes pleasant occupations. Pomegranate Pomegranates, when dreamed of, denotes that you will wisely use. If your sweetheart gives you one, you will be lured by artful. To eat one, signifies that you will yield yourself a captive. Pond To see a pond in your dream, denotes that events will bring no emotion. If the pond is muddy, you will have domestic quarrels. See Water Puddle and Kindred words Pony Erotic massages see ponies in your dreams, signifies moderate speculations.

To dream that you, or any of your friends, appear to be poor. See Pauper Poor-house To see a poor-house in asain massage ploar dream, denotes you have unfaithful friends. Pope Any dream in which you see the Pope, without speaking to him. You will bow to the will of some master. To speak to the Pope, denotes that certain high honors are in store for you.

To see the Pope looking sad escourts for hire displeased, warns you against vice or sorrow. Poplars To dream of seeing poplars, is an omen of good, if they are in leaf or bloom., how prostitute. For a young woman to stand by her lover beneath the blossoms and leaves. Her lover will be handsome and polished. Wealth and friends will be hers. If they are leafless and withered, she will meet with disappointments. Poppies Poppies seen in dreams, how prostitute, represents a season of seductive pleasures.

If you inhale the odor of one, you will be the victim of artful. The mesmeric influence of the poppy inducts one into strange atmospheres. Being, in a manner, enforced. Porcelain To dream of porcelain, signifies you will have favorable opportunities. To see it broken or soiled. Porch To dream of a porch, denotes that you will engage a new male sensual massage. If a young woman dreams that she is with her lover on a porch.

To dream that you build a porch, you will assume new duties. Porcupine To see a porcupine in your dreams, denotes that you will disapprove. For a young woman to dream of a porcupine, portends that she. To see a dead one, signifies your abolishment of ill feelings and possessions. Pork If you eat pork in your dreams, you will encounter real trouble. Porpoise To see a porpoise in your dreams, denotes enemies how prostitute thrusting.

Porter Seeing a porter in a dream, denotes decided bad luck and eventful happenings. To imagine yourself a porter, denotes humble circumstances. To hire one, you will be able to enjoy whatever success comes to you. To discharge one, signifies that disagreeable charges will be. Portfolio To dream of a portfolio, denotes that your employment will not be.

To dream of gazing upon the portrait of some beautiful person. See PicturesPhotographs and Paintings Postage To dream of postage stamps, denotes system and remuneration in business. If you try to use cancelled stamps, you will fall into disrepute. To receive stamps, signifies a rapid rise to distinction. To see torn stamps, denotes that there are obstacles in your way. Postman To dream of a postman, denotes that hasty news will more frequently.

Post-office To dream of a post-office, is a sign of unpleasant tidings. Pot To dream of a pot, foretells that unimportant events will work you vexation. For a young woman to see a boiling pot, omens busy employment of pleasant and. To see a broken or rusty one, implies that keen disappointment.

Potatoes Dreaming of potatoes, brings incidents often of good. To dream of digging them, denotes success. To dream of eating them, you will enjoy substantial gain. To cook them, congenial employment. Planting how prostitute, brings realization of desires.

To see them rotting, denotes vanished pleasure and a darkening future. Potter To dream of a potter, denotes constant employment. For a young woman to see a potter. Poultry To see dressed poultry in a dream, foretells extravagant. For a young woman to dream that she is chasing live poultry.

Powder To see powder in your dreams, denotes unscrupulous people are dealing. You may detect them through watchfulness. Prairie To dream of a prairie, denotes that you will enjoy ease. An undulating prairie, covered with growing grasses and flowers. A barren prairie, represents loss and sadness through the absence of friends. To be lost on one, is a sign of sadness and ill luck. Prayer To dream of saying prayers, or seeing others doing so.

Preacher To dream of a preacher, denotes that your ways are not above reproach. To dream that you are a preacher, foretells for you losses in business. To hear preaching, implies that you will undergo misfortune. To argue with a preacher, you will lose in some contest. To see one walk away from you, denotes that your affairs will move. If he looks sorrowful, reproaches will how prostitute. To see a long-haired preacher, denotes that you are shortly to have disputes. To dream of standing over a yawning precipice, portends the threatenings.

To fall over a precipice, denotes that you will be engulfed in disaster. See Abyss and Pit Pregnancy For a woman to dream that she is pregnant, denotes she will be unhappy. For a virgin, this dream omens scandal and adversity.

If how prostitute woman is really pregnant and has this dream, it prognosticates. Present To receive presents in your dreams, denotes that you will. A priest is an augury of ill, if seen in dreams. If he is in the pulpit, it denotes sickness and trouble for the dreamer. If a woman dreams that she is in love with a priest.

If the priest makes love to her, she will be reproached for her. To confess to a priest, denotes that you will be subjected. These dreams imply that you have done, or will do. The priest or preacher is your spiritual adviser, and any dream of his.

Seen in social circles, unless they rise before you as spectres. See Preacher Primrose To dream expensive prostitutes in the world this little flower starring the grass at your feet.

Printer To see a printer in your dreams, is a warning of poverty. For a woman to dream that her lover or associate is a printer. Printing Office To be in a printing office in dreams, denotes that slander and contumely. To run a printing office is indicative of hard luck. For a young woman to dream that her sweetheart is connected. Prison To dream of a prison, is the forerunner of misfortune in every instance. To see any one dismissed from prison, denotes that you will.

Privacy To dream that your privacy suffers intrusion, foretells you. If she intrudes on the privacy of her husband or lover. Prize Fight To see a prize fight in your dreams, denotes your affairs will give, how prostitute. Prize Fighter For a young woman to see a prize fighter, foretells she will have pleasure. Procession To dream of a procession, denotes that alarming fears will. If it be a funeral procession, sorrow is fast approaching.

To see or participate in a torch-light procession, denotes that you. Profanity To dream of profanity, denotes that you will cultivate those traits. To dream that others use profanity, is a sign that you will be injured. Profits To dream of profits, brings success in your immediate future. Promenade To dream of promenading, foretells that you will engage in energetic.

To see others promenading, signifies that you will have rivals, how prostitute. Property To dream that you own vast property, denotes that you will be successful. Prostitute To dream that you are how prostitute the company of a prostitute, denotes that you. For a young woman to dream of a prostitute, foretells that. This dream to a married woman brings suspicion of her husband. Publican To dream of a publican, denotes that you will have your sympathies aroused.

To a young woman, this dream brings a worthy lover. Publisher To dream of a publisher, foretells long journeys and aspirations, how prostitute. If a woman dreams that her husband is a publisher, she will be jealous. For a publisher to reject your manuscript, denotes that you will. If he accepts it, you will rejoice in the full fruition of your hopes. If he loses it, you will suffer evil at the hands of strangers. Puddings To dream of puddings, denotes small returns from large investments, how prostitute.

To eat it, is proof that your affairs will be disappointing. For a young woman to cook, or otherwise prepare a pudding. Puddle To find yourself stepping into puddles how prostitute clear water in a dream. If the water be muddy, unpleasantness will go a few rounds how prostitute you.

To wet your feet by stepping into puddles, foretells that your pleasure. Pulpit To dream of a pulpit, denotes sorrow and vexation. To dream that you are in a pulpit, foretells sickness, and unsatisfactory.

Pulse To dream of your pulse, is warning to look after your affairs and health. To dream of feeling the pulse of another, signifies that you are committing, how prostitute. Pump To see a pump in a dream, denotes that energy and faithfulness. To see a broken pump, signifies that the means of advancing in life. To the married and the unmarried. If you work a pump, your life will be filled with pleasure.

Punch To dream of drinking the concoction called punch, denotes that you. To dream that you are punching any how prostitute with a club or fist. To dream of pups, denotes that you will entertain the innocent and hapless.

The dream also shows that friendships. See Dogs and Hound Pups Purchases To dream of purchases usually augurs profit and advancement with pleasure. To dream of your purse being filled how prostitute diamonds and new bills. Putty To dream of working in putty, denotes that hazardous chances. If you put in a window-pane with putty, you will seek fortune. Pyramid To dream of pyramids, denotes that many changes will come to you.

If you scale them, you will journey along before you find the gratification. For the young woman, it prognosticates a husband who is in. To dream that you are studying the mystery of the ancient pyramids. Remember Dream Dreams as Entertainment Meaning of Dream Dream Interpretation. Lucid Dreaming Sex Dream Deja Vu Dreams Dreams and Creativity.

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