Frat Boys Spank Superman

Spank Frat Superman Boys
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I've jacked off for years thinking about this kind of scene with a dude's arms tied up with the wrists connected to the back of the guy's neck or the pole behind him and then having full on exposure to do whatever the fuck. Usually some sort of pain/torture/humiliation, even hotter if I think of it being a str8 dude. Very hot scene. Superman Submits 2 GAY HANDJOB LYCRA SPANDEX DOMINATION. · Superman Submits 2 GAY HANDJOB Ballbusting Male Mafia BALLBUSTING EMASCULATION FETISH FOOT. Ballbusting Male Mafia Frat Bully with Cameron Kincade and Lance Hart GAY WEDGIE. · Frat Bully with Cameron. PREVIOUSLY: A group of fraternity pledges has stripped Superman naked and has been giving him a severe spanking. It has been going on for hours. His bottom is red and stinging and he is crying uncontrollably in response to the tremendous pain. Eight of the nine boys had now spanked Superman. And now it was time.

Frat Boys Spank Superman
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Copyright on this fairy tale text belongs at all times to the original litt�rateur only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original go steady with of posting Frat Boys Spank Superman the MMSA was: Superman zoomed in all respects the early evening sky, scanning the ground below.

As he flew, he felt good nearby himself.

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  • 19 Mar Superman zoomed through the early evening sky, scanning the ground below. As he flew, he felt good about himself. How powerful it made him feel to soar above the earth. How great it felt to be so strong and invincible. How sexy his tight, thin, form-fitting costume felt on his magnificent body. And how.
  • New Male/Male Spanking Archive, Frat Boys Spank Superman - a series by Ribrav.
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Date: Fri, 19 Mar From: Ribrav Subject: Frat Boys Spank Superman--Chapter 4 FRAT BOYS SPANK SUPERMAN By Ribrav (The following is an original work of adult fan fiction involving the erotic spanking of Superman. Superman is the intellectual property of D.C. Comics. 15 Mar Read the free story 'Frat Boys Spank Superman, Chapter 3'. Also read other stories with gay sex tales in categories in 28 languages. 15 Mar Read the free story 'Frat Boys Spank Superman, Chapter 6'. Also read other stories with gay sex tales in categories in 28 languages.

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