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DESCRIPTION: There are more oddballs in fighting tournaments than there are on the bus. For every noble warrior like Ryu there's giant Brazillian electrified monkey wearing jean shorts. But Blanka is barely weird compared to these other lunatics.

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12 Jan Mugen is one of the best 2D fighting games ever! - posted in Modern Gaming: If you love the arcade style fighting games like Marvel VS. Capcom or Street Fighter then you will LOVE Mugen. Mugen is Dream Deathmatches dramaticdistinctives.info Mugen,almost any character you can think of can be put in the game in. 14 Jun We show you bizarre fighthing game characters from Street Fighter Mortal Kombat and more in this funny SMOSH article! Mugen is a customizable fighting game engine that allows players to make their own characters, allowing Omega Tom Hanks to enter the world of fighting games. He fights by hurling. Annoying Orange And Chun-Li VS Bubbles The Powerpuff Girl & Mindless One In A MUGEN Match / Battle This video showcases Gameplay of Bubbles The Powerpuff Girl From The Powerpuff Girls Series And The Mindless One VS Chun- Li From The Street Fighter Series And The Annoying Orange In A MUGEN Match .

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Fighting games are characterized by close contest between two fighters or groups of fighters of comparable strength, often contravened into rounds. If multiple players are involved, players altogether fight against each other.

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Fighting games that profit 2D sprites.

12 Aug Most sexy female character round 2: Chun-Li vs Rogue. 12 Aug Mugen - King of Fighters vs. Street Fighter - Leona Heidern (LASH) vs. Cammy (Belial & Clayton) - Duration: aznpikachu 68, views · · [ KOF Mugen] Mai Shiranui VS Dark God Rugal - Duration: Sheamus Damn views · [KOF Mugen] King XIII VS Naomi - Duration: 3 Jul Enjoy the fun matchup, I'm sure these two characters everyone knows really well, Chun-Li from the Street Fighter franchise, one of the most strongest woman in her days, and also has really strong thunder thighs. And Mai Shiranui, one of the early and sexy characters from the SNK franchise. Enjoy the fun.

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I love your videos Dr. Lindsay, I can refer to them later on for help on finals!

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I was not expecting the dolls. XD

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All of them except for maybe vanilla. The zipper one made me cringe. XDDD

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Some people may have trouble following all this about the lists. It is great for very literate people, but maybe not so great for those who read or listen slowly.

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Could you do an episode on breakthrough bleeding?

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1. Within the first few seconds.

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So i did horribly, but I loved the way this was edited and filmed! the questions were really creative too. great job guys!

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Thanks for the vid. I am INTJ

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How much fluid does it take to transmit an STD? Like, can it come through pre-ejaculate? (Sadly, my sex ed is sorely lacking. ESPECIALLY in the realm of STDs/STIs. We just got shown nasty pictures and told DON'T HAVE SEX! EVERYBODY WILL GIVE YOU CHLAMYDIA! NOTHING IS CURABLE!)

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It varies. For example, some people who identify as asexual feel no sexual attraction or arousal whatsoever, and some people feel attracted/aroused to varying degrees. Also, sexual attraction and romantic attraction can be separate. i.e. one might be asexual, but still be romantically attracted to another person and pursue a romantic relationship without a sexual component.

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I would LOVE an updated or second video on asexuality on this channel. I know it's technically not a sex-related video, kinda by definition, but I feel like there's a lot that people don't talk about. Especially how varried it can be.