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My name is Marsha, 19 years old from Minneapolis: Any fit guy up to 60, or who looks under 60, works. I need someone who is hot, fit and take me from behind. I promise. I love to kiss and suck (a must) keeps my motor running. Chill and just chit-chat.

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Junior Flores: All Indian guys are not same mentality. You can't say Indian guys are like this like that. Fucking video

DanielNicolas: They sound awesome minus the karaoke part (i dont sing coz i respect those around me)

TJay Art: The Mexican girl didn't sound Mexican. And I'm Mexican

Cresiree DC: I thought you are gonna launch the Danish girls one

Dilara Gunes: Iceland is one of the most sexually liberated countries on earth Yea cos wrapping up in three layers to shelter from the cold is soooo slutty

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Eshedu1: Oops already did.

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Justiciero123: You know you are dating a Mexican woman when she worships the Virgin of Guadalupe without even realizing that she is nothing more than a stolen Christianized version of the pagan Aztec goddess Tonantzin.

Sonny Honey: When she gives you ice-cream headache on your first date and wants to eat you in public later

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Mosquito: Who the fuck serves coffee in glass?

Anxhela Peti: Hey, are you planning on doing non-heterosexual couple at a moment ? It could be really cool !

Idolfun14: Texts not readable

Lupe Bedolla: Sosi Suka is by far the most useful phrase one needs to know

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Olivia Morris: What the hell that girl speaking brazilian portuguese! I'm brazilian and needed to listen 3 times to understand her. By the way, our language is just portuguese.

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  • Wtf the french was BARELY french. I didn't understand a word.
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My proper name is Dawn, 26 years old from Westminster: I am very oral and aural. Very outgoing,sexual and fun loving but also should prefer to a serious side. Smack the head I'm fun to be with and undemanding to talk and fun to be with.

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What a quack!

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But we are not animals, we don't beat each other over the head with rocks like we originally did, why should we have sex like we did then?

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This episode seems really below par for you Dr. Doe. Virtually all your videos are full of educational and informative content, but you bring Jon in and spend the time discussing Disney erotic fanfiction?

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Urg, I would love to buy this sweater, but there's no indication of sizes that I can see.will it be on DFTBA with a sizing chart later?

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As a high-functioning autistic person, I have always thought of feelings of attraction as being very random and unreliable. I prefer if me and the other person(s simply *decide to get together instead of being hijacked by hormones. But this outllook is unpopular where I am, so I usually just stay alone.

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Doctor Doe, my girlfriend and I have been sexting (text and call recently and she wanted me to encourage her to masturbate with up to three fingers. I did, by calming her and asking her to go slow. It hurt her a lot, to do it. I just want to know of any harms, why was it painful and would it cause an infection?

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