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My name is Letha, 31 years old from Daly City: My name is madlena. I would like to see your pictures before me meet. I want it from a man - Sex with a shitload of sexual tension. I'm looking for naughty fun. I'm typical girly girl love my make up, dresses heels I am a horny sexy doll.

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Elinaliciia: But spanish french and koreannn . nice

Ebony Wilson: I would say Persian is by far the sexiest language. You definitely have to tell someone who can speak Persian to read a poem to you then you will be aware of its magic!

CrazySam: First video I find from you guys and there's an Irish lad who isn't a dumbo, I'm a fan.

Jeremy Jante: HAHAHA I am laughing so hard! They are so accurate, especially the directness of the Dutch people in general

Celina Momsen: Russian and eastern european women like real men not pussies like you americans

Lewis Clark: Serbian and Croatian are not the same language !

USA4EVER: Director your so beautiful

ThinkAllowed: A french movie sounds like french. haha

SAINT8889: I can't wait for the quebecois version! lol

Marithza C.: Why am I even watching these videos? I am an Asian and we have no chance.

Pablo Marx: Then next time, the other person gets the bill. It's not about character, or first impressions. Females wanted equality and here it is.

Tetiana I.: Fuck all this shit, girls always playing fucken games and shit, stop watching soap operas that's where they get all this shit from

Insektmute: Oooooooooooo those Russians

Cris Andersen: Swedish women please

Houdini: What about American (USA woman and man and Australian?

Federico L: But do they like anal?

Viki Zambi: It confuses me when people say they have a favorite language. If I hear it and it's sexy, it's sexy period. Doesn't matter where the language is from anyone can make it sexy

Feli Д°zgin: What's the name of that swedish song?

Limalimalolo: That ignorant chilean bitch tho.

Ann Nee: That is so accurate! :D Except for the last part where she tries to put off his shirt in public xD

MrSifaperdire: Why the fuck they put some tropical musica that is not at all from Mexico instead of Mariachi for example?

MmentoMori: Middle eastern rats think they deserve european women? Stick to your own ugly ass inbred hijab slaves you worthless cowards who abandoned your homelands.

Leo Carmo: Northerners are harder to understand though usually because they have your cock in their mouth!

Pryor Bee: Mahal kita kusto ko kantut

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Chat Chat Dating Jpg4 Rom Ams Sugar
My name is Carissa, 30 years old from Overland Park: If you have any questions, don't be shy, ask. Wink wink. Hello , Things are a lil boring at home right now.

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  • I have a dream, that Dating Beyond Borders will continue to make videos always. Really like your channel!
  • Brazilians are HOT and BEAUTIFUL!*
  • Sos un traidor. boludo!

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Interesting, i'm a little bit of both.

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Where did that put me? It put me not looking away or quitting the video. It put me quieting down, seeking and finding an accepting place to be, then restarting the video. It put me getting out of myself and beyond my discomfort to listen, watch and learn.

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Who the fuck is Hank?

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Sexplanations That dagger was the first thing I noticed on that table, hard stop reached. I've no problems with a smack on the a or being restrained if that's your thing (the later sure as hell ain't mine), but there's no way I'd go anywhere that will even stock something like that as a sex toy. WTH are they thinking?

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I'm about a month late to this video, but that won't stop me!

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My question, though, was about discrimination more broadly. What if they're more muscled than we might like? What if we prefer the curvier person. What if we aren't attracted because of their gender?

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That was brilliant!

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Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual Queer Queeri (? I-something Asexual

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I am soo happy that you managed to get this to rhyme : its so pleasing for the ears !

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I want u

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The base definition of asexuality is that you do not experience sexual attraction. It is not that difficult to understand.