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Male escort service in the philippines

Home: Manila, Philippines Are you ready for a total, full body massage? Allow my hands and fingers to work over your body providing a relaxing and.
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Just take a look at our product range and you will realize we offer packages you will not find elsewhere. We know our products well and we know how to give you an orgasmic memory. Our rates are among the cheapest in Kuala Lumpur and it is as advertised without hidden cost.

We do not overcharge clients and are reputed for our business ethics. We believe in equal treatment and display our prices openly regardless whether the potential client is a local or foreigner. Prices are fixed, quoted in Ringgit Malaysia RM and are applicable for Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle city center. If you are located away from Kuala Lumpur city center there is a small transport fee for delivering the girls to you. Please note that delivery fees are set by the market and are given to drivers as income for delivering the girls to you.

Individual Packages Please note that the following packages are meant for one individual and you may not share it with your friends. If you intend to have a friend or girlfriend in the same room kindly inform us when you place order because prices will be double as girls charge based on the number of people in the room. Tipping girls is not necessary unless you feel like it.

You may opt for this anytime during the day and not necessary only at night. In the sex industrythe longer hours you take the cheaper it is per hour. Hot girls refer to girls who are popular. A girl may be popular for any of the following reasons :- pretty, good service, good at blowjobnice body, tight pussy, inexperience, especially young or new arrival.

Hot girls are the most popular category for each country. Girls with specialized services are not easy to find hence subject to availability. The standard protocol for escort service is that clients must wash up before service commences. Normally the girl will do this for you. Service begins with blowjob without condom unless you want to wear followed by sex. Condoms will be provided prostitue girls of charge by the escorts and compulsory for sex.

Please note that kissing is not required of the girls as far as industry rules male escort service in the philippines concerned. If you really insist on having a girl who kisses then tell us when you place order. The possible but not necessary disadvantage of this request is that girls who are willing to kiss may not be as good looking.

It is a one and a half hour non-stop service which is guaranteed to be an eye opener. In fact, it is more exciting than the Karma Sutra. For those who are familiar with the sex industry in China you will know what it is all about.

It is sexual satisfaction at its best. One Dragon Service is a specialized service in Kuala Lumpur and subject to availability as not many girls are willing to do it. You are allowed to cum twice in this service. Sex is included in this service. China Elite girls is a special category for VIPs and paid sex site clients, male escort service in the philippines. For this category clients are not allowed to reject.

For youngest escort reason we do not recommend this category to those who do not understand the terms and conditions attached. We are highly experienced in dealing with dignitaries, Royalties, expatriates and prominent businessmen so rest assured as far as security protocol is concerned. We know what we are doing as far as your privacy and security is concerned.

Actually, we bring professionalism to the industry the way it never existed. This is an undeniable fact. We do this because we truly believe you deserve the best in transparency, fair practice and innovation when you indulge in adult entertainment. Sex Fantasy Packages Men have sexual fantasies, be it to have sex with a pretty girl, a young girl or even two girls together.

There is nothing to be ashamed of. Unfortunately, most men do not fulfill their sexual fantasies. Ask yourself, have you ever pampered yourself sexually? How often do you do that? Have you ever had sex with more than one sex partner a day? In which case, it is about time you pamper yourself.

As the most professional escort agency we truly make dreams come true unlike others. Our product range is undeniably the original and most comprehensive in the world. Male escort service in the philippines you see similar contents and products online then you know who has been copying. This can be verified through various internet archives by comparing publication dates with those on our old website Our Sex Fantasy Package makes a great birthday, corporate or self fulfilling gift - one that most people owe themselves.

It is meant for one individual pretty girls not to be shared among friends, male escort service in the philippines.

For these packages, full payment must be made upfront upon confirmation of the first order. The prices are fixed, quoted in Ringgit Malaysia and are meant for Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle city center.

If you wish to have the Sex Fantasy Packages away from city center transport fees is based on the number of trips sessions. When you finished the first session you may rest as long as you wish. Just give us a call when you are ready to continue with the next session. Bachelor Party There are so many things one can do for bachelor party.

One can prostitution individual items from our product range as a gift for the bachelor or try the traditional strip show. Bachelor party is not only an occasion for the bachelor but also for those friends celebrating with the bachelor.

It is the only time you have a good excuse not to be disturbed by your spouse. So take this opportunity to pamper yourself. Ideal arrangement is to rent additional rooms or rent service apartments side by side. Talk to us if you have a group and we will give you a group discount.

Please note that strip show is not easy to arrange as it cannot be arranged in advance. This is because a girl who is willing to do today when we ask may not turn up for work on the day you are having the bachelor party.

Even if she turns up it is also subject to her availability, mood or business on that day. What we are trying to say is humans change their minds for many reasons beyond our control. Now that you understand there are so many factors involved it is ideal that you have a contingency plan for the bachelor. In fact, we always say advance reservation is not required even for other services for similar reasons. The wholesale market caters to all hotelsresidences and nightclubs.

The ideal way to arrange strip shows is to call us in the afternoon on the day itself. Please read through how to arrange and frequently asked questions FAQ before you call us to place order. It is important that you understand industry rules in order to avoid misunderstanding. We took great care in documenting the industry guidelines via our FAQ and contents as we are reputed to be the fairest escort agency in the industry when it comes to handling issues related to girls and sexiest prostitute we do not favor girls or clients if they are in the wrong.

Our business ethics is that we never sms clients to solicit business. It is this principle that makes us the ultimate choice in escort service. So make sure you save our number on your phone and pass it to your friends - sex is just a phone call away! Payment We only accept cash and Paypal. If you wish to pay in foreign currencies please inform us when you place your order.

We speak fluent EnglishMandarinmale escort service in the philippines, CantoneseHakkaHokkien and Bahasa Malaysia. Clients may use a combination of Ringgit Malaysia and foreign currencies for payment. If you have large notes and the amount in foreign currency exceeds the price we will return the balance to you in Ringgit Malaysia. Please note that full payment in cash must be made to the girl or driver when they arrive.

It is industry procedure for the girls male escort service in the philippines inform the company that service is commencing once she receives your payment. This is also when time starts counting. How Many Times Can I Have Sex? The number of times one can have sex depends on how many hours you order the escort and which country the escort is from. These rules are set by the market and have been in place for many years. Our aim is to provide you with the best adult entertainment at the most economical price hence we would appreciate your participation in helping us realize this objective.

Kindly recommend our escort agency on relevant websites, blogs and sex forums as well as circulate our hotel list check out our hotel wall to your friends who are visiting Kuala Lumpur. Your help is very much appreciated. Deal with the best in the industry! Safety and privacy assured. Please note that the following packages are meant for one individual and you may not share it with your friends, male escort service in the philippines.

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