Asian Nut Bearing Palms

Palms Bearing Asian Nut
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DESCRIPTION: Although there are already several articles on coconuts Asian Nut Bearing Palms dates, this is a general overview of palms as a source of edible fruits. Surprisingly there are a lot of palms commonly harvested for their fruits, and some are hugely important to both local populations and economically throughout the world.

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6 May Another palm that has received its share of negative attention is the Betel Nut Palm (Arecea catechu), a very commonly grown and moderately ornamental palm through many Asian countries. Betel Nut is a mildly hallucinogenic fruit that is usually chewed to effect, somewhat as one would do with chewing. These palms / come into bearing in the fourth year, and consequently give earlier returns on capital invested. The nut, however, is much smaller, and the kernelless in weight, but as 90 trees against 48 trees can be planted to the acre, it remains to be seen whether an increased yield of copra will not compensate for the cost. Le Maire says, this Tree produces a Sort of small Cocos (or Nuts) from whence they draw the Punic Oil; which smells like Violets, is of a Saffron Colour, and tastes like Olives. * Labat's 4/rique Occidental, vol. 3. p. 25, & Joof. Natural Prickle -Palm, bearing Fruit, to distinguish it a It sparkles. to. Sort of Tree, but says the Leaves.

Asian Nut Bearing Palms
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The Arecaceae is a very large descendants of genera and species of tropical woody xerophytic monocotyledons. While Palms aren't succulent, they are Asian Nut Aspect Palms grown past collectors of cacti and other rich plants. Most species have unbranched trunks or stems crowned with large groupie palmate or feather pinnate leaves but there are a few clumping palms.

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24 Feb Betel nuts (Areca catechu) are chewed throughout much of Asia for the intoxicating effect of alkaloids in the nuts, a significant cause of oral cancer among users. Plants with . This clumping palm has thin, green 10ft stems bearing pinnate leaves with many lanceolate leaflets and a feathery appearance. 15 Dec Full-text (PDF) | Arecaceae (Arecoideae), palm family betel nut palm, areca, areca-nut (English); pugua (Guam), poc (Pohnpei), pu (Chuuk), bu (Yap), bua ( Palau), buai Distribution Widely From SE Asia, betel nut was distributed by indigenous . six small sterile stamens and a three-celled ovary bearing a. Palm sugar production: Palm sugar is a heavy, rich, brown product and is an appetizing and healthy alternative to conventional sugar. It has a potential niche in a non-seasonal variety. The project has identified populations with non- seasonal bearing and other preferred nut characters and these were sown in nurseries to.

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